series of 10 

ink and fire variations on paper

cm 21 x 29,5


‘‘The Qi (Energy) flows in every part of the body, starting from the blister for pouring out in the kidneys, from where it’s transported to the heart. From the heart it spread itself in the lungs, and afterwards conveyed to the liver and spleen. The energy acquired and produced by the organism, flows continuously within this cycle, using a system of meridians which like rivers allows the QI to stream inside the hyper-phisics centers located in proximity of the body’s cental axis.’’


In this drawings series called Ignitions the energetic pathways of human body meridians’  are alienated from their context and ri-elaborated focusing on the essential force in them.




Wood, metal, fire, coal, water, nylon, neodimium magnets 

variabile dimensions


Installation part of a wider project on energy fluxes presented in occasion of the master degree thesis. Wood, Metal, Water, Fire and Earth represents the ways in wich energy is manifest in Chinese Taoist Cosmology.

Every element is related to a particular energetic state, and to a range of corrispondences such as human organs, colors, sounds, cardinal points, moments of the day, tastes and season of the year; this system is also at the basis of Chinese traditional Medicine for the acupunture practice.

In ‘Flusso di elementi’’,  the relations between the elements are studied through theirs four defined cicles of connections: Generation, Control, Exploitment and Insulting resulting in a composition which form is strictly connected to the spiral shape of creative energy.


steel, neodimium magnets, flux revelatos

cm 137 x 37 x 3


This installation focus on making perceivable, through the use of the flux revelator, the invisible energetic field created from the magnets which is made of. The continuos flux generated, presents itself as a structure close to dendritic patterns, formations which are found in electric phenomenons as well as in the vegetal, mineral and neuronal microcosmos, resulting as a common base structures of various earth’s life forms.

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