''The act of creation is the highest way of transferring energy towards an object, which in turn has the capability to transfer it to the viewer.''


Thomas C. Schelling

Taking inspiration from personal researches and practices on Taoist and western Alchemy, energytheories from Chinese Medicine as well as from others philosophical and scientific fields, my work rises in different mediums such as drawing, sculpture and installation. The use of this mediums is a tool to make an attempt of creating a temporary morphology of concepts that are, by their own essence invisible and thus avoid an easy expression in visual form.

In particular, the ongoing project ‘‘Crowd Studies’’, takes form from previous works on human energy, and is based on the reflections on crowd psychology written in 20th century by researchers such as Gustav Le Bon, Theodor Adorno and Raymond Momboisse, where a diversification of the crowd has been made, and have been analyzed the psychological and energetic outflows of the individual inside the crowd itself; these outflows are often convergent with ancient Buddhists analysis of the human mind and of what prevents it from get free from sufferance.

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